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The Google search button in Ideas Genie allows the user to do a very quick search on a plant name on the Google website. The key features:

  • You dont have to type the plant name.
    Ideas Genie uses the name of the plant you have selected and generates a Google search using that name
  • you can copy text from websites and optionally add the text to the Surf Board.
  • you can save links (URL’s) to websites visited
  • you can save links to images found on the net
  • the text and links can be pasted into any data field in Ideas Genie, and revisited by clicking the link in the data field.
  • you can choose a Google search engine site for your locality e.g. google.nl and save your preference
    The default is google.com
  • you can edit the search term while surfing and start another search
  • etc!

This demonstration has been created to show how a user might resolve the problem of variations in the name of a plant.
In this case the plant name in focus was supplied in the plants list as:
Androsace muscoidea ‘Schacht's Form’
The search results were baffling!
When using Google to resolve a plant name, you need to go with the name given on a very reliable website!


You need to have Ideas Genie, Ideas Genie Pro or Bonsai Genie installed on your computer to follow these lessons. If you don’t have a copy then click one of the the links below:
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