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                   Editing a specimen profile This is Page 1  ~ Next

You can edit specimens using all programs which display a list of plants.

You can edit your specimen profiles using the program Specimens - GA029

  • The specimens program GA029 is designed to allow more direct access to specimen records
  • start the program GA029
  • see the balloon help in the screenshots Page 2, Page 3


make edThe methods are slightly dpall proThe Events feature allows you to record the important things you do to care for your specimens.
Typical events are:

  • Planting - you can record date planted and add any relevant notes
  • Sowing - date seed were sown + notes
  • Germination
  • Dividing
  • Replanting
  • Repotting
  • etc

Since Events are records of plant care, use the program Plant Care Classifications - GA011 to set up definitions which you are likely to use in your .
Set up some Plant Care records before proceeding with this Lesson.
In this lesson, we will select
Plant to record the date our specimen was planted
this session in the Bonsai Genie User Guide for instructions on how to set up Plant Care items for use in recording Events


You need to have Ideas Genie, Ideas Genie Pro or Bonsai Genie installed on your computer to follow these lessons. If you donít have a copy then click one of the the links below:
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