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There are two methods of adding plants to Ideas Genie.

The method explained in this lesson is good if you are entering a plant name from the label of a plant you have purchased, or entering a plant name as found in a good reference book.
This method (referred to here as Method A):

  • is featured in the program Plants and Gardens - GA027
  • allows you to type the plant name in one line
  • allows you to paste a plant name into the plant name field
  • the program “translates” what you type, as you type, or paste
  • the translated plant name is automatically entered into botanical plant name elements:
    Genus, species, cultivar
  • after interactively translating what you type, the program saves the plant name in elemental form: Genus, species, cultivar etc
    Thus, the end result is the same as if you had used Method B
  • When displaying plant names in lists and in reports, Ideas Genie “reconstructs” the elements, displaying the plant name in one line

To follow this lesson, start the program: Plants and Gardens - GA027


You need to have Ideas Genie, Ideas Genie Pro or Bonsai Genie installed on your computer to follow these lessons. If you don’t have a copy then click one of the the links below:
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