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 The Rosetum of Rome amid the ancient Roman ruins

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Hello. My name is Maria and I live in Rome, Italy

I am a Container Gardener with over 100 plants in pots on my terrace. As you can imagine, I
spend a lot of time looking after them.

I have several roses (Buff beauty, Prosperity, Graham Thomas, Gruss an Aachen, Compassion...).
I also have Camellias (I am fond of them!), Osmathus (I like so much their perfume!), vines, Jasminum and Clematis.

My Camellias are ‘Alba plena’, a Japonica with beautiful, pure white flowers. In 2002 it started blooming in November. The pot is under a small gazebo, with a Clematis Armandii. The previous  year they bloomed together, the result was amazing! I dreamed of Vita S.-West?s white gardens...

I also have two C. Sasanqua. They have pink flowers, slightly perfumed, that look like butterfly’s wings. I have another Japonica, but I don’t know
its name

Click on the links below to see photos of my plants and my visit to the Rosetum of Rome.

     My Roses
     My Shrubs
     Clematis Armandii
     The Rosetum of Rome amid the ancient Roman ruins

My main web site is in Italian. Please click on the following line to pay it a visit.

Ciao, a presto (bye for now)



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