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Acacia dealbata

Review Notes: Lynda tell me their Acacia is about 8ft maybe a bit more and flowered Dec through to early March (Southern Spain)

From a RHS (Rosemoor) web page (see links below in Gardens : Where to see this Plant) we read that this plant succeeds outside in the south and west of Britain, otherwise requires unheated glass.
The common name wattle came from the early Australian settlers who would build houses using the 'wattle and daub' method. They would use the abundant, pliable Acacia branches to weave the wall which was then covered with mud.
Visit the RHS web page for more info.

Plant Type:- Tree
Colour:- Lemon
Height:- Can reach 100ft
Spread:- Up to 33ft
Flowering Period:- Dec to Mar

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RHS Rosemoor

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Photographer:- Lynda Adlington
Photographer: - Lynda Adlington, Malaga, Spain



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