Ardagh Cottage

Raised Bed In Front of cottage

Review Notes: this is the drive before it was improved


This is where the raised bed at end of drive will go running along the fence the plants listed in the Front Raised Bed section are in this bed

Front Raised Bed

Here we have the trench dug out ready to take the log roll front of bed.
Trench for log roll front

I decided to make my own log roll to go along the front of the bed, i got some logs from the local forestry cut them down the middle length wise with a chain saw.
Timber log roll

I then cut them into 16" lengths.
Timber log roll

I then joined together approx 4' lengths useing straning wire and Staples
Timber log roll

When i had made enough, the trench had concrete put in the bottom and the log rolls were then stood upright in the concrete and knocked down a bit with a lump hammer and more concrete at back and front of log rolls
Timber log roll

Have started to plant up the raised front bed with grasses grown from seed in our own plant nursery
Front Raised Bed

Have also labeled each plant as we go along
Front Raised Bed

Front Raised Bed

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Plant Type:- ShortLived Perennial

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Photographer:- Philip Hunt, Ardagh, Co. Limerick


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