Springbank Garden - A private garden in North Wales, UK

Zantedeschia aethiopica

Review Notes:Another 'exotic' which has survived quite well in our climate. Streliztsia regina. I grew it from seed about 12 years ago and it has been flowering each summer for the last 5/6 years. Up until last winter it has spent each winter outside, in a sheltered spot, close to the house, but as I had a little spare space in the greenhouse I gave it a treat and as a result it did flower much earlier this summer.

Plant Type:- Perennial
Colour:- White Spathes
Flowering Period:- May to Jul

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Photographer:- Keith Nash, Wales
Photographer: -Keith Nash
Copyright: -Keith Nash

The fish pond with a selection of reeds and a Zantedeschia aethiopica which thrives with its roots fully submerged and flowers throughout the spring & summer.



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