Bonsai Projects

There are many facets to keeping bonsai some of which extends beyond the cultivation of a containerised tree. So within this small webpage it is hoped to explore a few of the creative activities associated with the world of bonsai.

Photographer:- Mike Smith
A Japanese larch, Larix kaempferi, being displayed at a local show. The layout of bonsai and associated objects is another source of creativity within this leisure pursuit.

Here, the main tree has been designed curving to the right to create movement in that direction. To complement this, the figure is reaching to the left as if trying to touch the top branches. Both of these motions draws the viewers eye to the central painting that is symbolic of a tall pine forest. There is an overall aspirational theme to the display. Plays on symbolism, spacial separation and conveying ideas by linking objects is a key part to bonsai display. Sadly it is quite often lost on audiences who have not been schooled in the principles of visual arts. Nevertheless, it can still be appreciated on a superficial level. Just try to understand that an exhibitor may feel a little crest fallen when they are asked for the umpteenth time 'How old is that one?', 'How much is that one worth?' or 'Are they like real trees?'.

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