FoBBS Bonsai Display at the Chelsea Flower Show 2008

Cotoneaster horizontalis

Review Notes: Cotoneaster is an excellent subject for bonsai work particularly for beginners. It responds well to pruning, has a naturally small leaf and copes with a range of conditions which is useful if watering is not consistent.

Plant Type:- Shrub
Colour:- White/cream flowers-Red Berrys
Flowering Period:- May to Jun

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Photographer:- Mike Smith, Hampshire
Part of the FoBBS display at the RHS Chelsea Flower 2008.

Contrary to the common view that bonsai are expensive and require years of dedicated development from seed, this example has been created from normal garden centre material. Cotoneaster is available from a range of sources including old unwanted garden shrubs. With the application of a few simple techniques the branch structure can be refined to create the image of a mature tree in nature.


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