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Erysimum 'Jenny Brook'

Review Notes: Erysimum Jenny Brook arose as a seedling in the garden of Roger Handley.
He propagated from this seedling and contacted me, I developed it further building up plants,
Jenny Brook is result. This is a first rate perennial Erysimum it will flower quite often as early as April and will then keep flowering up until the first frosts. Try it you won't be disappointed.
Propagation for sale prohibited with out a licence

Plant Type:- Perennial
Colour:- Apricot to Lavender
Flowering Period:- May to Sep

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R A Meredith & Son (Nurseries) Ltd (Wholesale Only)

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Blooms of Bressingham

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Photographer:- Paul Gooderham
Photographer: - Paul Gooderham Photo Date:- Mon 21/01/2008 Erysimum 'Jenny Brook' (Apricot to Lavender) [Peren]



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