A walk through Belfast Botanic Gardens

The Lord Kelvin statue at Belfast Botanic Gardens

Photographer:- Belfast Botanic Gardens, Belfast, N Ireland
The Kelvin statue
I decided to surf up some info on Kelvin, and to my surprise found an interesting web page - about the trees in the vicinity of the statue! Heres the link:
From that web page, by by Jon Pilcher:
There are three dawn redwoods in the Botanic Gardens, the most noticeable is just behind the Kelvin statue near the Malone road entrance.
From the image on the web page, I'm afraid I just missed it - its to the left of the statue.

Heres a very good web page about the celebrated Lord Kelvin:
From that web page we learn:
William Thompson, born in Belfast in 1824, was presented with the title Lord Kelvin in 1866.
His most noted achievement was the investigation of "Absolute Zero" and the creation of the Absolute Temperature Scale, which was later renamed the Kelvin scale.

Be sure to visit those web pages - both very informative documents


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