Plant List

  1. Along the path by the Kitchen door.
  2. From the Kitchen down the Rock garden
  3. A set of raised beds.
  4. The hypertufa Crevice garden
  5. Under the Cherry tree
  6. The old gravel garden
  7. The dried up riverbed
  8. Shrubs in the 'D' bed
  9. The start of the Vista
  10. Looking into the Hidden garden
  11. The raised lily pond
  12. The Hidden garden
  13. The entrance to the Yellow border
  14. Across the Sedum scree
  15. Down the Vista to the Swing Seat
  16. Across the Lollipop lawn
  17. Part of the Yellow border
  18. Going into the Damson Wood
  19. The Gazebo in the Wood
  20. Out of the Damson Wood
  21. The wild life pond
  22. The Summer house and patio
  23. The view from the Summer house
  24. The Plum tree bed and Arbor
  25. The Bridge bed from the Arbor
  26. The start of the Pergola
  27. The Vista from the Swing seat
  28. Back to the Summer House from the Swing
  29. The Cobbled path behind the Swing
  30. Out of the Pergola to the Roadside
  31. Along the Roadside border and New Forest
  32. Even more of the Roadside bed
  33. The final part of the Roadside bed.
  34. The Alpine house and frames
  35. The front of the New Forest and Daisy lawn
  36. Along the Daisy lawn and the New Forest
  37. Field gate and Boulder
  38. The Gravel garden
  39. The Gravel garden and troughs
  40. Across the Bridge bed to the pond
  41. Through the Arch
  42. Left hand side of the Alpine House
  43. The Alpine House right hand side
  44. The Shade garden ferns
  45. The propagating house left hand side
  46. The propagating house right hand side
  47. The Crevice garden
  48. Raised beds and back to the house
  49. Achillea filipendulina 'Gold Plate'

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