Stan's Gardens - Northern Colorado - USA

The Front West Garden
In the "front West Garden" picture here I have the following tree, plants and roses:

American Linden tree - The fragrance of its blooms is absolutely divine!
Russian Sage (Pervoskia atriplicifolia)
Snowlady Daisy (Brachycome iberidfolia) {Chosen due to its lower growing nature. Yet nearly the same flowering as the bigger Shasta Daisy.}
Japanese Silvergrass (miscanthus sinensis) {Two of these wonderful grasses, one in the corner and another slightly down the fence line.}
Silver Mound (Artemisia schmidtana) {Chosen for its lovely silver-green foliage. Grows to about 24 inches tall and approximately 36 inches around each year. }
Dianthus - Carnation variety. {Low growing and fills itself with colorful dark pink blooms.}
Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla Vulgarius) - {Low growing plant that provide big purple flowers very early in the season. Then a unique and pretty foliage the rest of the season.}
Rubra [Cushion Spurge] (Euphorbia amysdaloides) - {Unique flowering on this low growing plant. Very attractive foliage goes from a light green to a reddish/maroon coloration.}
Veronica (Veronica spicata) - {A taller plant that fills itself with long purple blooming spikes. Adds wonderful color to the area and an eye-catching blooming series of spikes. This is in the herb family I am told but my knowledge of herbs is limited.}
Coneflower "Magnus" (Echinacea purpura) - {A tall and beautiful blooming plant with ages old healing properties. Chosen for its unique colorful blooms and height in this area of the garden.}
Delphiniums - {Two of these plants were selected for the colors that they bring and also the unique and beautiful plants that they are. One of them blooms a beautiful lighter shade of purple while the other is a wonderful sky blue. These get very tall and are popular in cottage gardens I am told.}

The roses I have chosen for this same "front west garden" area are:

Wildfire -Hybrid Tea - Beautiful fiery orange coloration and very pleasing fragrance.

Aloha - Modest Climber - Light pink blooms and rich foliage.

Mary Rose - David Austin/English Rose - Beautiful full pink clusters of blooms against wonderful foliage. A fragrance that fills the air about her.

Ingrid Bergman - Hybrid Tea - Wonderful red blooms that last a good long while with a mild fragrance in her first year.

Sterling Silver - Hybrid Tea - Wonderful light purple/lavender blooms, excellent fragrance.

Bronze Star - Floribunda - Beautiful golden apricot blooms and a fragrance to match.

Crystalline - Hybrid Tea - A white rose that is full of romance and beauty set against dark green foliage. A very pleasing fragrance also.

Memorial Day - Hybrid Tea - Wonderful light pink blooms with ruffled edges and a very pleasing fragrance.

(All of these roses were purchased at my favorite local greenhouse known as Gulley's Greenhouse in Fort Collins, Colorado. With the exception of Wildfire, which was a gift from my brother.)

Also in this "front west" area is a special Mini-Roses bed. In the mini rose bed are:

Beauty Secret - Beautiful clusters of red blooms.

Ring of Fire - Awesome mixed color blooms of yellow and bright orange trim.

Ivory Palace - Pretty white blooms with just a kiss of very light pink in the middle. (All of the above mini roses are from:

Dancing Flame - Loads of mixed color blooms with the colors white, yellow and red in just the right proportions. (Available at

The picture of the "front corner" of our home shows another of my rose beds. In this area we have planted the following roses:

Sexy Rexy - Beautiful pink clusters of blooms that bloom all season. A mild fragrance also.

Talisman - An older Hybrid Tea that has wonderful mixed color blooms of pink, white and a hint of yellow.

Rio Samba - Hybrid Tea - An explosion of color and an air filling fragrance to match. There is a full bush picture of this one here also.

Lavender Delight - Mini- Wonderful lavender blooms much like the bigger Angel Face rose.

Around that same corner are:

Angel Face - Floribunda - Beautiful lavender blooms with a heavenly fragrance.

Hotel California - Hybrid Tea - Bright yellow blooms, very fast opener though as the buds go to full bloom in a heartbeat it seems.

The Driveway or "Drive Bed" Garden
The Driveway or "Drive Bed" of roses features:

Liebeszauber - Hybrid Tea (Kordes) - Rich red blooms with a very pleasing fragrance.

Chicago Peace - Hybrid Tea - Mixed Colored blooms that never fail to be gorgeous.

Ooo Baby! - Mini Rose - Rich red eye-catching blooms.

Fragrant Cloud - Hybrid Tea - Bright eye-catching coral colored blooms and an air filling fragrance.

Winter Magic - Mini Rose - Wonderful light lavender coloration and a very nice fragrance too!

White Lightnin' - Grandiflora - Awesome clusters of white ruffle edged blooms and a lemon like scent. Related to Angel Face, there is a faint lavender to the edges of some of her blooms that show that relation.

Veteran's Honor - Hybrid Tea - Gorgeous red rose and my favorite red rose. A mild but very pleasing fragrance.

Arcanum - Mini Rose - White with a kiss of pink blooms that just keep coming in gorgeous clusters and singles. Rich deep green and reddish green foliage. (Available from .)

Honey Bouquet - Floribunda - This is a beautiful buttery yellow blooming rose that just loves to bloom and is extremely healthy and hardy. She also has a fragrance that is much like warm honey.

The "close up" of this driveway bed features: Veteran's Honor, Arcanum, Honey Bouquet, Winter Magic, White Lightnin' and Fragrant Cloud.

(All of these roses were purchased at my favorite local greenhouse known as Gulley's Greenhouse in Fort Collins, Colorado. With the exception of Winter Magic and Ooo Baby! Which are from . Also Arcanum which is from Rosemania.)

The rear "circle garden"
The rear "circle garden" was an idea I got from a magazine. I edged out an area with local moss rock. Then planted the following mini roses in there:

Santa Claus - Dark red blooms with dark green foliage

Hot Tamale - Dark pink and yellow blooms.

Gingerbread Man - Golden colored lively blooms.

Irresistible - Gorgeous white blooms with a hint of pink at their centers.

The tree is a Locust tree. I keep it pruned way up high so as to allow plenty of sun to get to the plants and roses below.

The other plants in this garden are: A butterfly bush/plant. Blooms very late in the season with loads of light pinkish lavender blooms. Some very early season bright red tulips in the very middle and also some little pansies that come up where ever they please.

(All of these roses were purchased at my favorite local greenhouse known as Gulley's Greenhouse in Fort Collins, Colorado. With the exception of Irresistible, which is available from .)

The "Rear North" garden
The "rear North" garden is more of a rock/pebble garden really. It features a family of concrete deer. A catnip plant to one side along with a bright orange poppy plant to the other side. Also a wonderful yellow mini rose in the rear named Texas (from Gulley's greenhouse locally.). Some various items that were brought with us from the family farm when we moved here to town are along the fence also. In the left hand corner is the old hollowed out stump from an apple tree on the farm. It makes a perfect home for a little ceramic garden elf made by my grandmother.

The bell on the pole was from the farm also. It was rung to call us all in from the fields for lunch or suppertime or if there was an emergency.

Last of the pictures is the rear "Triangle Garden". This garden came about to try and beautify the corner of the yard where a cable TV pedestal stood out like a sore thumb. I built a triangular box out of redwood in that corner. I painted the cable TV pedestal with some special paint that dries to have the texture and look of a rock. Then sat one of my little "gardener bears" on top of it. The plants in this little garden are:

At the left hand side going to the right.

A nice little Chives plant. Has wonderful little purple blooms and is also good to cut fresh for some of the dishes we make. Four mini rose include Orange Parfait, two of Cheer Up and Dr. KC Chan (Cheer Up and Dr. KC Chan are from and Orange Parfait is from .) Then in the rear we have three varieties of Hollyhocks. One is a yellow bloomer, another a full pillowy looking red bloomer and the third is a mixed Lavender and dark purple bloomer. I am sorry but I do not remember the names of the varieties of the Hollyhocks. In front of the pedestal is another Snow Lady Daisy plant. All along the front of the triangle garden we planted some miniature daffodils for some early cheery color. To the right of the pedestal are some more mini roses (of course). They are: Mighty Moe (a micro mini) with orange and yellow blooms, Kiss N' Tell with apricot blooms and Hot Lips a bright and cheery mixed color bloomer. We also plant a geranium or two in there for some extra color. To the far right side of this garden I plant an onion set or two. Just for their tall green spikes that add something to the gardens appearance.

(All of these roses were purchased at my favorite local greenhouse known as Gulley's Greenhouse in Fort Collins, Colorado. With the exception of Cheer Up, Dr. KC Chan and Hot Lips, which is available from and Orange Parfait and Kiss N' Tell which are from .)

All of the plants and roses are extremely healthy and hardy for my climate/environment here in Northern Colorado. Where winter puts all of them through a test of survival. I also love to use a pebble or gravel mulch for most of my gardens. For my climate here it works very well at keeping the ground moist for the plants and roses along with just the right amount of soils warmth. I us the pebble or gravel mulch to mound around the roses in those areas for winter. It works well to protect them and their root systems against the harsh temps.

Photographer:- Stan V. Griep, Northern Colorado, USA
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