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Rosa 'Rio Samba'   (With other plants )

Review Notes:An explosion of colour in my garden, and an air filling fragrance to match.

Notes from the internet:
All-America Rose Selections
1993 Winner - Rio Samba
Rio Samba is a hybrid tea introduced by Jackson & Perkins. Named after the Samba dancers at Carnival in Rio, its brilliant yellow petals shade to orange near the edges. This rose also boasts an attractive flower form and gentle perfume.

Pointed oval buds rest on medium green, pointed foliage standing up to 5 feet. Rio Samba was created by William Warriner from a mix of Sunbright and an unnamed seedling.

Plant Type:- Shrub

Suppliers for this Plant:

Gulley Greenhouse, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

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Stan's "Rose Rooms" Gallery
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Photographer:- Stan V. Griep, Northern Colorado, USA
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