N. Ireland Dahlia Society - The Annual Show 2008

by George Kelly

The Northern Ireland Dahlia Society Annual (NIDS) Show 2008 was held in Hillsborough, Co Down on Thursday 4th (5 to 8pm) and Friday 5th September (2 to 5pm).

I called in on my way home from work on the Thursday. The first image on entering the hall was the fine display pictured below.
They were of massive proportions, as big as footballs. It was no surprise to find one of the most prominent and eye catching exhibits carried the label - Dahlia 'Sir Alf Ramsey'!

I met some VERY enthuastic committee members. Ken Laverick gave me a very good refresher course on Dahlias. I'd studied the Dahlia Classifications in the RHS literature, but it was much better to see them in reality under the guidance of an expert in the Dahlia world.

I came away wishing I'd bought more plants at the NIDS stand at the Hillsborough Flower Show in June 08. Next year, I plan to visit the NIDS spring show, and buy a good selection of the beauties featured on this web site.


Photographer:- George Kelly
Giant dahlias on display

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