Zebra Park - Lee Sherman's Rose Garden in New Mexico

Rosa 'Sheer Stripes'

Review Notes:Named for Lee Sherman, New Mexico, USA
It was named for me...Sher for my last name...stripes because i love stripes...Sheerstripes sounds better than Sherstripes..so that's what it's called...nice rose...lie a recurring Gloria Mundi...
Lee whenever I feel blue....I buy a rose
A repeat flowering Rosa Mundi! Same striping and a similar growth habit but blooms all season long. From Mike Lowe

Plant Type:- Shrub
Colour:- Red Striped White
Flowering Period:- May to Jun

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Ashdown Roses, Campobello, SC. 29322 , USA

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Photographer:- Lee Sherman, New Mexico, USA
Photographer: -Lee Sherman
Photo Date:- Thu 31/05/2007
Rosa 'Sheer Stripes' (Red Striped White) [Shrub] in the foreground of this photo



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