A small suburban front garden in North Yorkshire, UK

Lupin 'Gallery Yellow'

Review Notes:  This is a very fine strain of dwarf perennial Lupins particularly suited for the smaller garden where its densely packed spikes of flowers will provide lots of colour without taking up too much room.  Sown fairly early, in the first year it will bloom in only 15 or 16 weeks from sowing, producing small spikes of flowers on mini plants.  In subsequent years, each plant should produce up to a dozen, foot-long flower spikes.

Plant Type:- Perennial
Colour:- Yellow
Flowering Period:- Late Spring to Early Summer

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Photographer:- Laurie Pickering, Yorkshire, UK - (NIKON Coolpix 8700 Digital Camera)
Copyright:- Laurie Pickering
Photo Date:- 14 June 2008

Front Garden - Lupin 'Gallery Yellow'

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