A small suburban front garden in North Yorkshire, UK

Front garden after new planting begins - View 2a

Photographer:- Laurie Pickering (NIKON Coolpix 8700 Digital Camera) - 22 April 2008
Copyright: - Laurie Pickering

This aspect is looking from the top of our driveway towards the front of our house.  The unsightly manhole cover (top left) has been disguised with a planter on top, and grasses planted around the edge.

The small border beneath the window has been replaced with the flagstones that were previously in front of the border.  Three planters of Rosemary set it off now.

We have created a narrow meandering path of bark chippings, going from the bottom right side of the garden (near window) to the top left side of the garden (near hedges).

We didn't want the path to stand out too much, so kept the look subtle.

Front Garden - View 2a
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