A small suburban front garden in North Yorkshire, UK

Front garden before preparation begins - View 1

Photographer:- Laurie Pickering (NIKON Coolpix 8700 Digital Camera) - 9 February 2008
Copyright: - Laurie Pickering

This aspect is looking from the right-hand side of our front door towards the front of the garden.  On the left is the golden privet hedge, and to the right is the Holly and Pyracantha shrubs.  In the foreground left is the unsightly manhole cover.  Just to the right is a small border we dug over several weeks ago and planted two 'Cotinus "Golden Spirit" shrubs and some tulip bulbs.
Note also, the very poor quality grass in each of these four views.

During the summer months the garden is normally baked in strong sunlight until mid-afternoon, but this photo was taken in the late afternoon after the sun has moved round to our rear garden.  At the moment it is the less intense, and lower, winter sun.

Front garden - View 1
Now compare this photo to View 1a (new planting)
Now compare this photo to View 1a (1) (maturing)

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