A set of photos from Tom Lowrie - Head Gardener, Dalcross Castle

Tom Lowrie, the Head Gardener at Dalcross Castle Estate in Scotland, has used Ideas Genie since 2004 to store information on several thousand plants and photographs.

Here is a brief description of the Garden at Dalcross--

The main Garden is around 10 acres consisting of
Large Herbaceous Border
Large Shrubbery.
Woodland Gardens, Veg Garden.
Large Pond.
Several acres of lawn.
Soft fruit Gdn /Small Orchard Rhododendron garden/pinetum--Under development.
Five acre Arboretum under Devopment.
Sunny Border around Castle walls-- Climbers and wall shrubs.

As head gardener, Tom's objective is to create an Exciting Garden for the Owners, their guests,and himself. He is very interested in Collecting Rare and Unusual Plants and Trees, hence the need for a good Database.

Having upgraded recently to Ideas Genie Pro, we can expect more photos of the gardens on this interesting estate, when Tom "gets the hang" of the Web page Generator!

I'm looking forward to that!

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