The Native plants of Western Australia

by Col Smith

The following is from an email from Col to me in June 2005.

I am originally from Norwich, Norfolk in the UK but emigrated to Australia about 18 years ago.
I studied at College & was awarded a Certificate & Advanced Certificate in Horticulture as well as a certificate in Agriculture.
During my studies I became a Native wildflower enthusiast & amateur photographer.
You would not believe the amount of really beautiful wildflowers we have.
I now run my own small Landscaping & Garden design business part-time from home.
We have recently moved to Mandurah ...which is about 200 klms South of Perth...
Our house is on 5 acres of native bush. We have cleared enough to build the house , the remainder is retained a s natural bush....I have identified 100 species of native plants including many native Orchids on the block so far & still counting.... If you are interested I could send you some of my photo's. (graciously accepted!!)
It is magnificent here with the added pleasure of the sunshine.....can you remember what that is ??
Although we are now in winter there are still native plants in flower.
In summer the temperature can range from 18 to 40 C & in winter from 3 to 25 C... with the very occasional frost...about one per year.
This is classed as a Mediterranean Climate... I grow Lemons, Oranges,
Grapefruit, Figs, Mulberries & we are going to start growing Kiwi fruit, Avacado's, Mango's etc.
We can grow most of the plants that you have in the UK - everything from Pansies to Chestnuts.
Our native plants include Grevillea's, Callistemons, Banksia's, Eucalyptus, Chamelauciums, Darwinia's the list goes on.

George Kelly

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