First Garden tour

Palustris Katz

These are the pictures I took when we first moved here in October 1995. The camera came as a free gift with the Cooker. All of these pictures have been scanned in to the computer and the quality is not that good, but then neither was the camera.
As you can see from the tour, there was little in the way of garden. Indeed most of the area was just a sea of chest high weeds. What you cannot see is that under the weeds is/was a mass of rubbish of all kinds from broken bricks to bits of car. We reckon we have removed over 30 tons of unwanted material from the land to make to garden you see today.

Photographer:- Palustris Katz
This is the view one got stood by the Kitchen window looking to the North West down the garden across a pond and on to an old falling down greenhouse. This was probably the best bit of the property at the time.

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